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06 February 2008 @ 10:36 pm

G. Domenici
Hai mai provato a chiedere a un lucchese
se ti offre da bere,
è assai probabile che (prima)
ni si rompa il bicchiere;
per ‘un paga’ l’autostrada (i lucchesi)
fanno le curve del Quiesa
e quando sono in discesa
spengono il motor.
C’hanno i coriandoli con l’elastico
che se li tirano ni ritornino
e se il vicino fa ‘l fritto, nel fumo
c’inzuppino il pan,
il buccellato c’ha ‘l buo nel mezzo
così anco ‘l dolce pare più grosso
e se telefonano quando chiamano
dicono: “Pronto sono io mi richiami?”
e poi buttano giù.
Oh lucchese la spiaggia ‘un ce l’hai
“Ve la porto via a sacchetti”
sì ma tanto ‘un la poi fare in Borgo Giannotti.
Oh lucchese il mare ‘un ce l’hai
“noi c’abbiamo Serchio il fiume”
sì ma se fai il bagno nuoti nel pattume!
Hai mai provato a chiedere a un lucchese
se viene a Carnevale,
è assai probabile che (la maschera)
‘un se la voglia comprare;
comunque passa il monte
e poi viene a sfilare
e se ni chiedi “Da che sei vestito?”
“Son mascherato da civile”.
Al mare vanno a spiaggia libera
con il mangiare al sacco nella macchina
con l’ombrellone che spunta,
la carnagione smunta,
“hai visto cavallo testa?”;
e poi risparmiano anco sull’articolo
e ‘un son contenti se ‘un economizzano
e se ni dai del tirchio
ti diono scialon.
la Passeggiata ‘un ce l’hai,
“Noi c’abbiamo via Fillungo”,
sì ma se c’è grimo ‘un ci sta ritto un fungo.
il carnevale ‘un ce l’hai
“Noi sfiliamo in processione”
sì ma il Volto Santo ‘un è mia un mascherone!
Viareggino noi ‘un siam mia tirati,
siete voi che siete sciagurati,
fate i soldi a suon di fa’ i bagnini
po’ d’inverno ne spendete di quattrini;
oh popò di tirchio di un lucchese
tutto il tu’ guadagno a fine mese
va a finì in soffitta rimpiattato
e anco ‘l gatto co’ tuoi avanzi è dimagrito!
Hai mai provato a chiedere a un lucchese…
….se ti offre da bere…(“’un te lo vo offrì…hai inteso…nooo ti ho detto di no”),
hai mai provato a un lucchese
…se ti offre da bere…(“’un ti rispondo neanche….così risparmio il fiato”),
hai mai provato a chiedere a un lucchese (“ti ho detto di no”)
….se ti offre da bere…(“non ci penso neanco…’un te lo vo offrì…”)
“te la ha offrì…ma si va alla fontana!” 

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03 January 2008 @ 05:19 pm
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25 October 2007 @ 06:33 pm

 Detective Conan...Detective Mars!
This is what could have been if the CW had told yes to the fourth season of Veronica Mars.
I don't like it that much, but that's Rob Thomas baby, so it could have been amazing if it had time to evolve into something more!

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23 October 2007 @ 09:01 pm
 Do you wanna see the face my mother made when I told her I've in mind to move in Pisa and take a room near my University?

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22 October 2007 @ 08:52 pm
 Picture this image:
There're two girls in the same car, running with high speed (we can't help it...) in the highway.
What kind of music (or song, in that particular moment) are they listening?
Rollin' by Limp Bizkit? Uhm...Holiday by Green Day? Million Miles Away by The Offspring?
Nope...we were listenig Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy by Queen!
This sort-of lullaby, instead of slowing us down, has made us to go even faster!
It's ludicrous...

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20 October 2007 @ 02:21 pm
 It's cold and windy outside...BRRR!

I need an hot hot hot Ciobar!

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17 October 2007 @ 06:31 pm

Say your last prayers...
Say goodbye to your loved ones...
The train to
Auschwitz is leaving.

Commuter's life sucks.

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12 October 2007 @ 07:17 pm
It's been two weeks since lessons started, and...what a drag!
Hehhh... *rolling eyes*

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01 October 2007 @ 09:46 pm
It's a while since I wanted to learn something more about American school...as I can see in American movies or telefilms, American schools are a lot different in comparison to the Italian ones...the tenth, eleventh...graders...what are they? How is structured your schools, your scholarship hierarchy
In Italy (I'm refering to school, except College, of course) we usually have lessons during the morning...for example, from 8.00 (or 8.30, it depends from school to school) until 13.00 (or 13.30) and sometimes also 'til 14.00...the majority has to go to school also on Saturday. It's very unusual to have lessons during the afternoon and that's why most of the schools don't have a canteen.
We have lessons nonstop, except for a break of 15 minuts at 11.00 (and contrary to what "my" French family thought - when I had my twinning in Grenoble - it's not that hard as one would think...it's just habit...and you can't imagine how hard was for me to get used to a different timetable such as the one of my College, with sometimes two hours free from lesson to lesson) and we don't have lockers at school: everyday we took from home the books we need for that day...every year, enraged parents yell that their children are too overloaded with the weight of their schoolbags...and every year, schoolbags are more and more weight...hey...you should see how I can stand some huge weight on my back! Too bad that young kids could risk scoliosis, 'cause that could be a very good training!
We begin school at the age of six...there're 5 years of "Scuola Elementare", then, when you're 11, there're 3 years of "Scuola Media" and at 14 you choose what kind of school you want to go...if a Classic or Scientific Liceo or some other "Scuola Superiore" that is not a Liceo (General High School specializing in business and accountancy, arts college...) for more 5 years. That's all.
So, enlighten me with your scholarship hierarchy!
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28 September 2007 @ 08:43 pm
Oh yes! Finally!
Today I had my oral examination of...you really wanna know the name of my course? Uhm...let's see if I can translate this train of words...Pharmaceutical technology, socioeconomic and legislation...do you like it?
Well, it's not that bad, except for the fact that I didn't crave so much to know how I can make a suppository...whetever...It's over!
And until Monday I'm on holiday! 3 days are better than nothing...not?
It's better if I don't think about my next 3 months...OMG! This semester I've an horrible timetable, some of my friends and I have decided to camp in our college, to pitch a tent just in the middle of the hall!
We'll be always there...I think I'm really gonna accept the offer of one of my friends, she has a double room in Pisa (I frequent University in this town), one of the beds is hers, the other is empty. I think, when she'll see how messy I am, she'll regret her offer!
Tomorrow, my bbf and I have decided to take a trip to the reign of Capitalism, our will to spend money was so strong that we had to do that! Wake up early and ready to go to Ikea! I don't really know what to buy, maybe something for the house I lease, but it's already furnished...uhm...maybe a desk lamp there and a little mirror here, there's always a place to fill hither and yon! I didn't recharge my credit card, so I'll buy only with the banknote I'll put in my wallet (I don't have to buy anything, but surely I'll clean out my wallet!)
And to think that I don't ever like so much what they sell...if it's not something at least of the XIX century, I don't like it!
Well, at least it's quite cheap and pretty (but not very long lasting!)
What I really love are their pillow...so soft!
Did you notice that much of the furniture in the set of Veronica Mars is Ikea's? Argh! Thiefs of ideas!
Geee...I MUST have a fourth house...when two years ago we decided to restructure my great grandparent's house and we had to buy what we needed, my creative spirit was ecstatic (to have an idea: think about Dick in the middle of an harem or $crooge McDuck when he swims in his pool filled with golden coins!), I do love to furnish houses!
Do you remember Dick's bedroom in the Grand? There's a room I've furnished for guests that recalls a lot that room (hey! I've furnished that room three years ago, they have copied me, not the contrary!): the carpet is the same (it was in the living room of my grandparents), the linen too, the blanket chest is not at the bottom of the bed, but near on the left (and it's 200 years old, not new), but there it is...uhm...maybe there's not a goat as a headboard, but a picture of a lioness with a rose...there're too much goats out somewhere eating the green beans of Roberto, but this is an other story...
I think I wrote also too much...are you fallen in a deep sleep? (yes yes yes)
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